Cloud Native Core Network
ZTE Cloud Native core network uses Service Based Architecture, micro-service components, lightweight containers, stateless design and other new ICT technologies. It achieves four major integrations: database, policy, control plane and user plane at the NF level, while supporting 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / Fixed access. By convergent cloud native core, network deployment and interoperability are simplified, it helps global operators to achieve rapid commercialization of 5G.
Common Core: One Core For All
ZTE Common Core is dedicated to provide global operators a "single network" from the human network to the network of things (IoT), from mobile access to fixed access. The convergence is in 4 layers: converged control plane, converged user plane, converged policy and converged database. it provides unified access, unified authentication, unified policy control, unified billing and unified forwarding processing for the entire network to improve resource utilization and reduce CAPEX/OPEX. The Common Core solution supports 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed access at the same time, which simplifies the deployment and interoperability of the 5G network, paves the way for 5G evolution, enables operators to seize market opportunities by achieving target 5G core network directly without multiple upgrades, and provides flexible services for all types of vertical industries with the best user experience.
One Voice for converged voice service
ZTE One Voice solution provides unified access control based on IMS for 2/3/4/5G/WiFi and fixed-line terminals, smooth service handover without interruption. It improves user experience and saves operator investment. 5G VoNR is also supported by the One Voice solution with inherited 4G VoLTE architecture to provide voice services. Integrated service provision, operation and maintenance for both VoNR and VoLTE are provided too .By One Voice solution, IMS VoLTE network can be smoothly upgraded to 5G through software upgrades without changing SIMs or numbers.
Success Stories
All-in-One Common Core
2/3/4/5/Fixed integrated access makes the strongest brain for 5G network
Latest News
2/3/4/5G full convergent
Supporting both VM and container
SBA+ cloud native architecture
gray launch for fast service iteration
Automatic process for O&M transformation
Solutions to accerate network slice commercial luanch
patented IWF solution for easy SA migration
capability exposure platform to boost business innovation
Better Experience
Stateless design, service is always online
Distributed user plane with high performance, lower service delay and more reliable
Less Cost
Supporting both SA and NSA, no repeated upgrading
AI based automatic O&M, less workload
Faster Innovation
Micro-service commponents, easy service creation
Capability exposure builds open ecosystem
More Flexible Deployment
Integrated user plane, PnP
Supporting MEC, enbling vertical business