AI Insight Value Operation (AIVO) Solution builds an integrated system of planning, construction, maintenance, optimization and operation. AIVO can help operators realize the optimal investment of planning and construction, intelligent maintenance and cost reduction, also help operators realize value operation of business and users, and open-source income increase. With the integration advantage of big data + AI, it will evolve to the next generation of intelligent operation and maintenance system.
Precise Planning and Construction
Adopts the accurate planning scheme based on the existing 4G network making full use of the existing network and environment information, outputs the expansion construction scheme with agility through such means as intelligent network prediction, scene-based site selection and value sorting, and flexibly supports the phased network deployment.
Smart and Simple O&M
Through intelligent and automatic methods, AIVO can accurately predict faults and intelligently compress alarms and work orders, thus improving O&M efficiency. Also coverage and capacity can be automatically optimized without manual intervention, and the power and antenna feeders can be automatically adjusted and optimized to greatly shorten the optimization time.
Value Operation
Based on the value insight of the network, services, and users, a multi-dimensional user profile is built to implement user migration, high-value user retention, and low-traffic user activation through precision marketing, and thus promote traffic improvement and user development.
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Intelligence and Openness
Builds an integrated system including big data platform, AI platform and NM to form a unified data lake and AI capability, and opens the data and AI capability to the outside via OpenAPI, which supports fast customized development and provides intelligent application data service.
O&M Integration
Implements interconnection management of the NE layer, network and service control layer and service operation layer through data connection and sharing.It achieves the deep integration of network O&M and service O&M and forms the integrated O&M capability of "unified view,intelligent closed loop and active O&M."
Whole Domain Perception
Support end-to-end global perception analysis including terminal, user, wireless, transmission, core network and SP, more accurate problem identification and boundary positioning capabilities.
Business Value
Digital Transformation
The integration of planning, construction, maintenance, optimization and operation supports the digital transformation of customers and helps operators to move towards high-level automation and intelligence.
Optimal Investment
Precise planning realizes the optimal investment, helps the operators to meet the 4G and 5G business requirements with the optimal network construction cost. For the 50000 cell scale network, a complete planning scheme can be output in 0.5 days, helping the operators to plan nimbly and seize the 5G golden development period.
Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement
In the existing network application practice, wireless network optimization improves the efficiency by 30%, and the fault prediction accuracy reaches 70%. Over 90% perception problems can be discovered in advance and effectively reduces potential complaints. The existing complaints can be handled automatically within 3 minutes.
Revenue Increasement
The service and user value operation helps operators to increase the revenue. In the current network package and terminal precision marketing practice, the subscription conversion rate exceeds 30%, and the value service payload is increased by more than 50%.