ZTE UniSeer provides an integrated O&M service solution oriented towards network, services and user perception. Through data interconnection and process reconstruction, the NOC (Network Operation Center), SOC (Service Operation Center), network planning, marketing center, and field maintenance teams work together to handle user complaints efficiently, implement precise network planning and site preventive maintenance accurately.As the overview of UniSeer shown in Figure 2, various use cases can be deployed to support all actions of network management including network planning, network building, operation and maintenance, performance optimization and market strategy making.
Intelligent RCA
Using AI algorithms such as Weighted Apriori and FP-Growth, can discover the correlation and root cause relationship between different alarms through learning the historical alarm data. As a result, reduce the number of invalid work orders, improve O&M efficiency and reduce the waste of resources.
Service Quality Analysis
Monitors the indexes of 5 types of services (web/video/game/OTT voice/OTT video). When the indexes degrade beyond the set threshold, it sends alarm to the FMS, automatically triggers the quality analysis and optimization of the original services, and then outputs the analysis report.
E2E Complaint Handling
Perform end-to-end automatic analysis and demarcation of the services during the complaint period. The entire process from data preparation to problem delimitation output can be completed within 30 minutes. Under normal computing power resources, the automatic delimiting function can delimit problems in seconds.
Innovative Cost Modeling
How to evaluate O&M input and output effect is always a difficult problem in the industry. ZTE creatively proposes a cost model based on site asset information and O&M data, which can calculate the costs to per service/user/GB, helping operators identify high-value services/sites, and providing a reference for network investment and market decision-making.
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Unified Portal
Unified Entrance and View, Flexible Access Capability of OMM Systems of Different Manufacturers.
Fast Demarcation
The indicator system covers the mainstream services in the entire domain, and delimits users' complaints within 30 minutes.
Intelligent RCA
Alarm rules are generated automatically to effectively reduce the number of invalid work orders and improve O&M efficiency.
Innovative Cost Modeling
Pioneering cost modeling in the industry, helping operators identify high-value services and sites, and providing decision-making reference for network investment and the market.
Driven by Big Data & AI
Promoting Digital Transformation for Operators Based on Big Data and AI Technologies.
Leading NOC+SOC Delivery Solution
The first integrated NOC+SOC intelligent O&M delivery solution in the industry, realizing automatic and intelligent network/service/perception management for the operator.