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6G Vision, Requirements and Technology Challenges

Service-native Challenges & Innovations towards 6G


Following the large-scale deployment of 5G, the 6G research and innovation window has been emerging quietly. What’s the vision and the timeline towards 6G? What’s the potential uses cases and requirements of 6G network? This presentation shares some considerations about the 6G vision on changing the world, and the potential services like the Internet of Sense, AI and Industry in the 6G era. The service-native challenges on 6G potential technologies were introduced from the dimension of the 3D-connectivity air interface, the intelligent MIMO, the on-demand topology, the on-demand AI/MI and some enabling technologies beyond silicon. The intelligent network architecture and the harmonized physical challenges keep a top priority among these potential 6G enablers. The corresponding technology innovation instances of the ZTE’s 6G research tem were also presented as eMUSA, IRS-MIMO, SBA-RAN, AI-LDPC and THz-channel-model with the specific application scenarios. All of these technologies are coming towards 5G and its beyond.

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