Featured by full-scenario and ultra-broadband, ZTE 5G RAN products can accurately meet the requirements of outdoor, hot spots, indoor, and realized the world’s first 5G maglev network and the world's exclusive airline mobile network coverage, forming a seamless 3D network to provide unprecedented experiences.
UniSite+ solution achieves simple all-RATs site deployment with leading all-in-one A+P solution, unique mid-band tri-band UBR, high capacity low-band tri-band UBR and unique all-RATs baseband board. With the features of wide bandwidth, high capacity, high power efficiency and NR ready capability, UniSite+ greatly reduces on-tower equipment quantity and total power consumption, helps operators save site rental and operational cost.
Macro Coverage
64TR/32TR/8TR series of ultra-bandwidth AAU/RRU guarantees high performance and effectively reduces TCO:
- 400M/200M or 200M/200M ultra-wide or 200M/100M@3.5G
- 194M/194M 4G&5G dual-mode network@2.6G
- 7nm chipset,NSA&SA dual-mode
Indoor Coverage
- Multimode & multiband once for all design
- Ultra-broadband bandwidth supporting indoor RAN-sharing
- Easy deployment, adaptive to existing cable types
- Capacity & coverage on demand: 4TR/2TR
- Large-scale commercialization
Hot Spot & Street Coverage
- Plug-and-play micro products are provided for fast deployment
- Zero footprint, one-stop solution
- Camouflage expert
High-speed Railway & Tunnel Coverage
- Industry’s first to adopt the 8TR solution for high-speed railway coverage and lead the industry trend
- Realized the world's first 5G maglev coverage network which provides continuous and stable service experience at high speed
- Provides mature tunnel solution
Airline Coverage
- Exclusive 5G airline coverage in industry, provide the world’s first 5G airline CPE
- Over 10 years of commercial experiences
- Awarded “Best Mobile Service for Connected Living in Asia” in MWC Asia 2019
Ingenious Design - ZTE AAU
Able Fast Good Nice
Ingenious Design - ZTE QCell
Easy Fine Quiet Fit
ZTE UniSite for All RATs and All Scenarios
"1 + 2 = 7": a seven-band site can be deployed with just one AAU (with passive-cascading capability) and two tri-band ulltra-broadband units, which means up to 70% fewer equipment and 30% less power consumption.
5G Infinite Access, Even the sky is no limit to 5G
The 5G maglev service and the 5G airline network, both the world's first, showcases ZTE's 5G RAN solutions's capabilities of supporting even the most demanding deployment scenarios and ultra-broadband
Latest News
All-RAT Large Capacity BBU
The new generation BBU supports 2G/3G/4G/5G full modes. It provides the industry's only full-mode baseband board with more flexible capacity configuration. It supports abundant interfaces, flexible networking, and smooth evolution, featuring 2U height, large capacity, low power consumption, easy maintenance, and high integration, and adapting to various indoor / outdoor standard cabinets installation. This BBU will help operators to construct a low-TCO network with 5G evolution.
AAU Series
ZTE AAU series provides a wide range of options by differentiating products in 3 aspects: the number of transmit and receive channels, transmit power, and bandwidth. In this way, operators can meet corresponding requirements of different capacity, and price/performance ratios in differentiated scenarios. The maximum AAU transmit power reaches 320W to provide high-quality and high-efficiency RAN sharing. The maximum AAU bandwidth reaches 400 MHz with only 22Kg, simplifies site deployment.
UBR Series
Industry's most complete dual-band and tri-band UBR series products, realizing multi-mode, multi-band simplified deployment. High output power guarantees network evolution and G/U/L/NR multi-mode macro coverage capability, while large bandwidth, 4*4 MIMO and carrier aggregation realize Gbps-level downlink throughput, altogether meet the requirements of equipment reuse, band expansion and 5G NR upgrade. Flexible RF solution effectively protects customers' investments, saves site space and OPEX.
Indoor Coverage Series
As indoor coverage products, Qcell is easy to install and deploy, and can fully meet the coverage requirements in various indoor scenarios. Qcell product series integrates multi-mode and multi-band with high bandwidth capability, takes into account both high performance and economic applicability, realizes differentiated deployments in different scenarios, and meets the high traffic demand for indoor coverage.
Small Cell Series
The series is small and compact with built-in antennas and outdoor protection, has the advantages of zero footprint, easy site acquisition, convenient installation, flexible and fast deployment, and are environment friendly, which can be quickly deployed in streets, residential areas and tourism spots for capacity improvement. The series supports various dual-band combinations, and single-mode or multi-mode configurations, helping operators achieve simple network deployment in 5G era.
Microwave Series
The series provides abundant service interfaces, large bandwidth and high modulation mode, supports XPIC/CA/MIMO technology, L2/L3/MPLS/SDN and other flexible networking modes, and unique low-latency channel in industry. The outdoor E-band product series supports 10Gbps ultra-large capacity and ultra-low latency, multi-band solution provides higher link availability and longer distance, the UMBL solution evolves smoothly from 4G to 5G network and reduces operator’s TCO.