Magic Radio Pro
Magic Radio Pro is the most comprehensive dynamic spectrum sharing solution for multi-mode & multi-band networking in industry, including 5 RATs (G,U, L, NB and NR) and 7 scenarios(G/L, U/L, G/U, L/NR, U/L/NR). Based on the dynamic change of traffic load in the network, more flexible spectrum sharing and more sophisticated spectrum scheduling are implemented to improve data throughput and guarantees voice service in the same time.
In 5G era, LTE/NR dynamic spectrum sharing implements fast introduction of 5G based on FDD spectrum. SuperDSS, the core innovation of Magic Radio Pro in 5G era, is the first solution in industry that supports three-mode dynamic spectrum sharing.
FDD Assisted Super TDD
FAST (FDD Assisted Super TDD) solution is based on traditional carrier aggregation framework with innovative uplink TDM scheduling. Based on standalone (5G SA) NR architecture, with close collaboration of FDD low band (n1/n3/n28) and TDD middle band (n78), FAST solution not only improves UL coverage, but also is the only solution to improve downlink and uplink capacity simultaneously, and the only solution to boost network capacity and coverage in the same time.
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Industry's first Tri-RAT dynamic spectrum sharing solution
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